Best Place To Buy Water Extractors, Car Wax & Sealants and Professional Tools

Whether you are a car enthusiast or are considering becoming a professional mobile detailer in Anaheim or any where in orange county you are going to need to find a store that sales the right tools along with the right products like wax, compound, glaze. There are so many heavy duty tools and chemicals that it can become overwhelming. We are going to try to help by breaking into 2 car wash systems. We will break it down to the interior and exterior of your car, truck, boat and RV.

Car Cleaning Interior Tools and Accessories

Vacuum-cleaning your carpets and upholstery will improve the look and feel of your car’s interior. Despite the fact that there are several types of vacuum cleaners owning a small car vacuum that is equipped with power will be to your advantage. A professional heavy duty vacuum will save you precious time because of the fast clean up and suction power.(If your like me you will hearing your precious pennies getting sucked into your machine).

Every car interior has carpets and upholstery. Unfortunately, dirt and grime is considerably much more prevalent on light shades and color tones. We have discovered only one strategy to deep clean carpets and guarantee that most all of the dirt and grime is removed. Professional detailers make use of carpet extractors to get the job successfully done the first time. Carpet extractors are available in several shapes and sizes. Apart from that, they are good to use for auto detailing, these tools will perform wonders at your house as well.

Detailing brushes make interior cleaning a breeze. No matter if you have fabric cloth interior or leather, good detailing brush tools helps you to save a lot of hark work. There are several styles of car care brushes. (please be aware there are special pet hair removal brushes) Cleaning every part of a car is very important. Deciding to buy detailing equipment tools and accessories is a must for anyone that is considering on becoming a professional car detailer. Don’t forget about detailing brushes that will save some time.

Pro Tools and Products Needed To Complete Your Vehicle’s Interior

Glass and Surface Cleaners Bottles

Air Fresheners and Odor Bombs

Interior Brushes Detail Brushes

Carpet Hot Water Extractors or Steam Cleaner

Microfiber Towels

Interior Vinyl Restorer Dressing Bottles

Car Vacuums and Blowers

What About The Headlights and The Exterior Of My Car?

You’re exterior aka your paint job takes a pounding from snow, precipitation, UV rays, air pollutants along with other elements which could harm your paint gloss and shine. Working with the professional car washing supplies like a pressure washer would certainly improve the process for taking out bug and insect residue along with contaminants that stick to your paint. (clear coat)

As soon as your car or truck is washed and dried apply a professional car wax (you have to be more vigilant with black or dark color paint jobs) to provide protection to your clear coat finish. If you are really into speeding up the process then you can use an orbital or Da polisher.(we prefer a rupes polisher) Just like there are different polishers there is also different types of polishing pads and accessories that can be used to complete this process. You will run into wool, foam, microfiber pads (which will attach to a backing plate). Foam buffing pads are more forgiving and will do a nice job. Working with the right car detailing tools will provide you results that even professional detailers will envy.

Are you experiencing discolored cloudy or faded dull headlights that reduce your night time driving vision? It is possible to now restore your car headlights to like new condition within a few minutes.

In terms of driving a vehicle, your safety is the highest priority. For anyone who is like me, driving in the dark is challenging enough, however, add a yellowish faded headlight lens to the mix and your visibility is going to be limited. In addition to you putting your safety on the line, you will be endangering the lives of other drivers. You have a better option than the high cost of replacing your headlights by doing a headlight restoration service. You can restore them to like new with a professional cleaning lens kit.

That is great news for mobile detailers as well as auto dealerships that are looking for an uncomplicated solution at a small fraction of the cost of changing the head-lights. Absolutely no past experience required. This kit is meant for car enthusiasts at the same time producing professional results. Any time you would like additional help or just have a question or issue on one of our headlight restoration cleaner kits, Auto Detail Supplies Outlet in Anaheim are here to help just Call (714) 855-4776

Pro Tools and Products You Will Need For Exterior Work

  • Electronic paint thickness gauge (helps with measuring clear coat)
  • Glazes, waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings
  • Microfiber towels & chamois and wash mitts
  • Foam cannon with foaming car wash soap
  • Engine dressings and degreaser
  • Clay bar, wax and tire dressing applicators
  • Water tank and reclamation mat
  • Pressure washer, Tornador, and generator
  • Truck and wheel brushes
  • DI tank and spotless water
  • RUPES, Dewalt or Makita Polishers
  • Compound, polish 1000 grit sandpaper (used on paint correction or color sanding system)
  • Dry or waterless wash spray

You can use the list above to give you and idea of what is available for you. As you can see there is a lot to cover. We hope that you found it helpful that we broke it down to two systems: interior and exterior. If you found this information helpful please click on the link below to check out another page from our site.

Car Care Products and Equipment