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Hot Water Extractor

This is a heavy duty piece of equipment which is an important tool if we would like to have our dirty carpets and upholstery thoroughly cleaned. Now this is rarely something that many people have in their garage or shop. You may have one in your shop or can buy from a detailing supplies store. If it is out of your budget then you can always rent one. They are easily available for rent at your neighborhood do-it-yourself stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Make certain you know the suction power and the cleaning power is noticeably different between this and your regular shop vacuum. This is not solely going to shoot a spray of hot water into the upholstery or carpet, it is going to extract it as well. To really get the interior cleaned like a professional detailer, you will definitely want to have access to carpet extractor or steamer. If this is a step you want to skip and you want to have your carpets extracted or your upholstery extracted, most car washes or mobile detailers can provide an interior carpet and upholstery cleaning service where maybe you do the rest of the detail on your own.

Why Do I Need Quality Car Wash Soap,Car Wax, Polish and Sealants

It really is mind-blowing the amount of people that really do not understand how to properly wash (exterior and interior) or wax and polish their vehicles. You have probably seen others or are guilty of using products which were not really ideal for their truck or car while others work with products as well as equipment and accessories designed to solely be used by trained professionals. While others rarely ever even wax or wash their autos. Then they are surprised as to why their paint is dull with no gloss or shine. I always encourage friends to think of the time spent washing their car as a way to increase their trade in value. There are more advanced tools like a water pressure tornador or foam gun which have can speed up the process.

Correctly wash the car or truck: This can be crucial as the use of aggressive chemicals, non-automotive products and solutions can, in fact, deteriorate your car’s clear coat finish making it wear more rapidly. With your water hose spray the car first and get it wet. Use the water to spray off mud, dirt and other contaminates that could scuff or scratch your auto in the event you instantly begin to use a sponge and water first. In addition, you should never wash your car in direct sunlight. Do remember to use warm water (preferably soft water) because it works best to remove contaminates. After getting your ride wet, use professional car wash soap and pour into the water in a bucket. Stick with the recommendations on the bottle. After that clean the car. You will discover it less of a challenge when you use a long handled wash brush (they are also called truck brushes). Do not forget to clean and spray off in portions so the car soap wont dry out before you rinse it off (this is where soft water from a DI tank will really save the day) Then using a XL ADSO microfiber towels or chamois, dry the vehicle off. Never use a beach towel or T-shirt to dry your car as this will leave swirls and hairline scratches.

Remove hard to clean contaminants and pollutants: There will be dirt, grime, brake dust, bugs, tar, etc… that will be left after washing. (you will notice that if you place ur palm over the surface of your hood you will feel a rough surface). There are several products that are created specifically for the removal of contamination from the exterior surface of your paint. The resounding solution from the industry professionals was 360 Brazilian Mist along with a clay sponge. Take off all the contaminants and follow the directions and system described.

Master Tip: Don’t Underestimate The Power of a Detailing Clay Bar or Sponge

Take advantage of a light polish: It will clear out any surface area stubborn contaminates like over spray, light water spots, bird droppings, and hairline scratches. (sometimes left behind from an aggressive compound) Work with a circular motion, similar to for wax. Always read and follow the recommendations for that specific polish (several call for a wet or moist applicator pad the rest will not). Do the work one section at a time and work with a clean part of microfiber towel to buff once dry. A lot of polishes will dry to a whitish haze. Be careful to avoid it drying on the plastic trim around your front fender or side mirrors. Do not forget to buff and polish off all the haze and sediment from the dry polish. Once completed the car surface finish is going to be really smooth. (like butter or butta:) Professional tip: for deeper scratches or scuff marks, contaminants, etc… if you feel you are up to it you can use an orbital polisher or buffer to apply the polish. Be mindful and go with low rpm’s (under 2000) anything above this and you risk burning the paint job.

Apply a couple of coatings of sealant or wax: You will find a difference between car wax and sealant. Car wax will be a mix of carnauba along with additional waxes designed to give a deep, wet glass look and new car gloss and shine. It is available in both a liquid and a paste, and it certainly will not last longer than a sealant. Car wax will also be less effective in high temps and can in effect melt on hot parts such as the hood. The sealant is a polymer mixture commonly with no wax. Sealants can usually last 12 months between applications and is a very durable protective layer for your paint. The experts really like the almost instant shiny glass look, however just about all concluded it was ideal for events like car shows.If you are still confused about what is the difference just remember that you apply both in a circular motion. Apply in a circular direction and permit it dry to a haze. After that buff/polish dry with a microfiber or terry cloth.

Never work with diaper cloths or regular towels because they will lock in dust particles and dirt and leave circular scratch patterns in your clear coat. A microfiber towel is most effective for buffing off dried car wax haze or polish. Several applications are suggested for ideal shine and protection. You probably didn’t know this insider tip you can apply car wax on the glass windows, not car polish (as car polish will leave smudges and streaks which can ruin the appearance of your car) Apply one light layer and completely buff it off. This trick will be more effective than the leading glass cleaner.

Recommended Manufacturers for Orbital Buffers and DA Polishers

Porter Cable




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